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Institutional credit contracts generally include a lead underwriter. The underwriter negotiates all the terms of the credit agreement. Terms and conditions include interest rates, terms of payment, duration of credit and possible penalties for late payments. Insurers also facilitate the participation of several parties to the loan as well as all structured tranches that may have their own terms individually. keep these accounts and accounts in physical compliance with all applicable requirements of a government authority responsible for the borrower. 6.06 Using recipes. Use the proceeds of the loan for one or more of the following: (i) to finance the acquisition of outstanding advances and loans by Capmark Finance Inc., Capmark Capital Inc. or Capmark Financial Group Inc., (ii) to finance the acquisition of mortgage rights and (iii) to finance the borrower`s rolling capital and other general activities. 6.07 Warranty and security contract. (a) When creating or acquiring a new subsidiary, direct or indirect, organized by the borrower in accordance with the laws of a jurisdiction in the United States, the borrower must, without delay (at his expense), but in any case within ten working days following this creation or takeover: (i) that such a subsidiary has a subsidiary guarantee or a subsidiary guarantee. (ii) to induce this subsidiary to properly execute trust, trust, security deeds, mortgage contracts, guarantee contracts and guarantee contracts, or the joiners of the guarantee agreement, and pass them on to lenders that are reasonably satisfactory to the lender. guaranteeing the payment of all obligations of this subsidiary in connection with the loan documents and the creation of Links for all the real and personal characteristics of this subsidiary (with other real and personal property that is subject to links and authorized stakes in a company outside the United States) and (iii) that this subsidiary take all measures (including mortgage loans , UCC financing statements, notification and approval of communications on securities documents that are requested by the lender, valid and permanent links of the lender on all the actual and personal characteristics of this subsidiary (with ownership of real estate and personal property organized in links and holdings in subisidiary outside the United States) , applicable to all third parties on their terms.