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SLA is synonymous with Service Level Agreement,It is a legally binding agreement between Business and its service provider. It contains a list of the services offered by the provider, as well as inclusions, exclusions and exceptions. It also contains KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure penalties applicable when service levels are not met. It is an integral part of every contract – must be carefully designed and agreed upon by sellers and partners. Remember that an IT service provider promises to solve all problems within 30 minutes of the announcement. Without an ALS that clearly mentions the settlement time, they can say that they never promised to solve the problems within 30 minutes. It is also possible for the customer to request that the problems be resolved in 10 minutes. If such conditions are clearly documented, both parties know what to provide or expect. If the required obligations are not met, both parties are also aware of the compensation. IT outsourcing agreements, in which the remuneration of service providers is linked to the results obtained, have gained popularity, with companies developing from time and pure materials or full-time price models. Another concrete example of ALS is an agreement on the service level agreement of an Internet service provider.

This ALS contains a guarantee of operating time, but it also defines the expectations and latency of packages. Parcel delivery refers to the percentage of data packets received relative to the total number of data packets sent. Latency is the time it takes for a package to travel between customers and servers. Measures should be designed so that bad conduct is not rewarded by both parties. If z.B. a service level is violated because the customer does not provide information on time, the provider should not be penalized. A credit is a provision that can be included in the ALS that allows providers to recover service level credits if they work for a certain period above or above the standard service level. Earn Backs are a response to the standardization and popularity of service level credits. For example, internet service providers and telecommunications companies will generally include service level agreements under the terms of their contracts with customers to define service levels of service level sold in plain language. Among the elements of the Wikipedia service are the specifics of the services provided (and what is excluded when there is room for doubt), the conditions of availability of services, standards such as slots for each level of service (prime time and non-prime time may have different levels of service, responsibilities.

B of each party, escalating procedures and cost-service compromises.