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If you process huge quantities, you can even choose another buyer for each card brand with a reseller account. You can negotiate a business visa agreement with Acquirer A.B and a debit Mastercards deal with Acquirer B. It also means getting the best possible deal for your business. That being said, here`s everything you need to know about merchant accounts and payment aggregators to help you meet your opinion. In the end, you can set different criteria for each payment method, currency and/or geographic area. Another handy feature for high transaction volumes. Simply put, a merchant account is a kind of bank account that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. It is essentially a contract between a merchant (it`s you), an acquirer (like Concardis or Bambora) and a payment system (like Payment Highway) that makes the billing for credit and debit card payments. Especially if you`re just starting out or your volumes are limited, you may not yet have enough authority to negotiate lower prices. In this case, using a payment aggregator may be their best bet. So you`re accepting payments through your app or online store, but you don`t really know if you should negotiate directly with different payment methods or contact a payment aggregator for help? We will not exceed it: any separate agreement increases the complexity of your business. And as each payment method and acquiring bank have their unique opportunities to make accounts and reports, you can watch a lot of manual work and valuable extra time with your books. If you`re looking for a simple answer on whether to use a payment account or a reseller account, click here: If your transaction volume via credit and debit cards exceeds a certain limit, the regulation will be put in your way and you will no longer be able to use an aggregator.

While payment aggregators do not suffer as many inconveniences, there is an important restriction to take into account: the total volume of transactions of your payment operator allows them to negotiate prices for you – even if your own volume is not yet as high. The answer is simple: if you make a large amount of transactions, this is probably the best choice to go with a reseller account.