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In your rental agreement, it is essential that you set a rental start and an end date. You should make sure that you fully understand the rules of everything, including rental delay, subletting, pets, roommates, visitors, parking lots, etc. As rent laws vary by state and even city, make sure you know anything that could become a problem later. Now it`s time for you to clarify the rules for your rental property. With these tools, you answer a number of questions based on your rental situation. Among these questions include: Who pays for utilities, pets, and how to protect your deposit. Error #6: When first selecting an apartment, not being taken into account in the extra costs, many thieves focus on the monthly rent. They forget expenses and expenses beyond rent. If you are considering an apartment, make sure you know the magnitude of your costs: services, car parks, gyms, warehouses, etc. Do you have your correct rental agreements? To check out, here`s a list of pitfalls you should avoid: To help you, here are seven of the most common mistakes tenants make, as well as suggestions on how to avoid them. In addition, when setting up your leases, you should avoid the following errors: A lease agreement must indicate who needs to make repairs. Sometimes an owner must legally repair, even if a lease does not define these obligations. There are a lot of mistakes that tenants can make, but this one is definitely a leader among them.

Nothing is worse than not informing your landlord of your plans to leave early. The problem with this error is twofold. Above all, you are not fulfilling your part of a contract. In addition, you risk your entire history. Angry or disappointed homeowners make your deposit less often and give you a positive reference later. If your plans change suddenly, you will identify yourself and try to negotiate. Also make sure you keep your conversation in writing. Without an agreement, there is much more room to discuss what has been agreed and what has not.

With respect to short-term rents in particular, the unwritten agreement prevents relying on the fast-track ownership procedure when a tenant refuses to evacuate. Be sure to include in your rental agreement the rental price, the extra time, the late fee and the cancellation process for non-payment of rent so that, if you have a problem with a tenant, you have the legal document that guarantees you the conditions that both parties have agreed to the terms and that your tenant owes you money.