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Ask for other “exclusions” that are not covered by the agreement. As with any product, service agreements are subject to inflationary price increases. If you buy one now, you can lock yourself in at a reasonable price. If you are using the benefits of the subaru Added Security when you purchase the vehicle, you can include the fee in your monthly financing or your lease payment. In addition, you have ebilized, in addition to the basic warranty of the factory, for example.B. Car rental, accommodation and reimbursement of meals for necessary warranty repairs in case of travel. Your plan may even include a roadside emergency service for a start-up, gas delivery, tire change, locksmith service and lost key calling. It can also include computerized travel routing for up to 7 years. 5. Why is an extended service contract supported by Subaru the best choice? 1. What is an extended service contract ®? Subaru views a service contract as an investment in customer satisfaction rather than a beneficiary. We know that a satisfied customer will probably be a repeat car buyer.

Independent suppliers/insurance do not invest in your next car purchase. This philosophy really makes a difference in the quality of their service agreement product – more importantly when it comes to meeting your requirements. To be sure that the extensive service agreement you buy will do what you need, make sure it is a real Subaru product. Ask them to see a recent example of the agreement and read carefully through. Serious companies are happy to provide you with one. Don`t be fooled by unusual brochures. These plans are particularly attractive when you are renting your Subaru. You can include fees in your lease payment. Then with the maintenance plan, your only car cost can be at the gas pump! And the troubleshooting package is included at no extra cost and allows you to lock the cost of the planned maintenance, which is necessary to keep your basic factory warranty in effect, and lock your car in good working condition.

It is important to know which company promises to pay you if your car breaks down.