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You have probably seen a legal fee clause in the contracts that have been submitted to you. But sometimes it is absent or formulated differently. This contribution is intended to clarify how they apply to creative service providers. . It`s more than word of mouth and it could certainly be easier to write. But the result is pretty straight: . . A typical provision could be pretty much as follows: . . . .

Agreement Title: AMENDED AND RESTATED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND SUPPLY AGREEMENT Type: Manufacturing Agreement Parties: Antigenics Inc. Cambridge Biotech Corporation (c) GLAXOSMITHKLINE BIOLOGICALS SA Document date: 05/11/2009 Applicable law: Delaware Contract: Unoprostone Exclusive Manufacturing Supply Type: Manufacturing Agreement Parties: SUCAMPO PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. R Tech Ueno, Ltd Document Date: 05/11/2009 Applicable Law: Delaware Accord Title: Delivery Agreement-Federal Signal Corporation Supplement Agreement Type: Supply Agreement Parties: BMO Capital Markets Financing, Inc. Federal Signal Corporation (c) Federal Signal Europe BV Document Date: 27.02.2008 Applicable Law: Illinois Agreement Title: Supply Contract-RUSS BERRIE and ENTREPRISES, INC. AMENDMENT IN CONTROL SEVERANCE PLAN Convention Type: Delivery Partner: RUSS BERRIES CO INC Bachem, Inc., document date: 15.03.2004: New York . A simpler provision containing these recommendations could be that all royalties payable under this agreement are exempt from all taxes, tariff surcharges or related amounts that are assessed by a public authority resulting from the provision of services to the customer by the Agency under this agreement, and these must be paid by the client to the Agency in addition to all other fees payable. . . . Agreement Title: SUPPLY AGREEMENT Type: Supply Agreement Parties: MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC IM Flash Singapore, LLP Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd Document Date: 10.04.2007 . The client must pay the Agency the fees described in the SOW, plus all applicable taxes, even if it was set up at the end of the project.

Agreement Title: DEVELOPPEMENT, PRODUCTION AND SUPPLy AGREEMENT Type: Production Agreement Parties: Kensey Nash Corporation BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals Inc. document was available on 02/10/2006 . For more information on the anatomy of a service agreement, see this summary.