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This collective bargaining process can be initiated either by the employer or by the union. The party wishing to enter into negotiations on a collective agreement is required to complete a notice and the receiving party is required to accept the invitation to negotiate. Negotiations between the employer and the union should begin as soon as possible. (2) The subsection (1) applies to any extension or revision of a collective agreement and any ancillary agreement within the meaning of the collective agreement. (j) to authorize a person to do whatever the House can do under paragraphs b) to (g) or (i) and report to the House, 2. For the purposes of Subsection 1, or if there is or is likely to be an argument in an industry, the Minister may refer the matter to a Commission of Inquiry and Report for review and reporting. (c) in the case of a collective agreement between a trade union council and an employer or employer organisation, within the Council, the unions within it the constituent elements and the employer or employers involved in the agreement and 46 (1) Either the party to a collective agreement, whether it was concluded before or after it came into force, the other party may , at any time, request, within four months immediately before the expiry of the contract, a written notification to begin collective bargaining. (2) Despite subsection 1 (c) and except where the union part of the collective agreement obtains certification, the rights and obligations conferred or imposed by the collective agreement on the union side of the collective agreement are extinguished, with respect to that union, and are imposed on the union certified or imposed as a bargaining partner. (c) instruct an employer or union to cancel and rectify a disciplinary action taken against a worker that has been taken in violation of a collective agreement, an “employee subcontractor” a person, whether employed by an employment contract or issuing his own tools, vehicles, equipment, machinery, equipment or other objects that, for another person, provides work or compensation or compensation services and the conditions he provides for that person in a economic dependence on that person and the obligation to perform duties for that person, who is closer to a worker`s relationship than to an independent contractor; 7.

If the parties do not accept the terms of the transaction recommended by the Ombudsman or if a first collective agreement is not concluded within 20 days of the subsection report (6), the Associate Chairman must direct a method described in point 6 (b) for the resolution of the dispute. 6. When an application is made in accordance with subsection 2: despite subsections 2 and 4, the House may cancel or deny the admission of a union as a bargaining partner for an entity without a vote of representation or without taking into account the result of a representation vote, at least if e) authorizes a person to do what the arbitration body can do , in the presence of the arbitration proceeding, in the presence of the parties or their representatives as witnesses who are the subject of cross-examination by each party.