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The recent European case of Vnuk has broadened the scope of compulsory car insurance to the extent that all mechanically powered vehicles used on public or private land should be insured, making the 1988 road traffic code incompatible with EU legislation. As the European Commission and the UK government consider how best to deal with the issues raised by Vnuk (which we are discussing here), the 2017 agreement reaffirms that it will only apply to rights arising from the use of a motor vehicle on a road or public place. It is interesting to note, however, that the 2017 agreement specifies that it is a request to use a trailer as a vehicle. It seems inevitable that further changes to the agreements will follow when the government completes its deliberations. The case was brought to light by the Bikelawyer MIB following the publication of the revoked agreement, as the consequence of the applicants` refusal of legal representation would have been both illegal and contrary to the second automobile insurance directive. Under the new agreement, there is no cost for a fee that would have been assigned to the small track. If the government-announced lashes are implemented as announced, it will last from October 2018 straight to soft tissue injuries under 24 months of age and will include all injuries that will receive a premium of less than $5,000 anyway. The 2003 agreement contained an exclusion that allowed the MIB to avoid compensating victims of terrorism. This exclusion has been removed from both the new agreement and the Uninsured Drivers Treaty.

The final result of the consultation on the agreement on uninsured drivers, which was made public. The requirement for significant harm remains in the new agreement; However, the definition has been reduced, apparently on the basis of the physician consultation case, by anyone requiring four consecutive days of hospitalization to anyone requiring two or several nights of hospitalization or three or more outpatient care sessions. The surplus of property damage has also increased from $300 to $400. Following consultations between the MIB and the government, a new 2017 agreement on unsecured drivers and an endorsement of the 2015 uninsured agreement were published, both applicable to accidents that occurred from 1 March 2017.