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7.2 Both parties acknowledge that they have not omitted any information or provided inaccurate information that, in the future, could be problematic in fulfilling the obligations set out in them. Any obligation of the advertiser under this agreement may be fulfilled by an advertising agency duly mandated by the advertiser to act on behalf of the advertiser (the “agency”) and which is considered an obligation of the advertiser and the agency. In addition, any right of the advertiser may be exercised by the Agency in accordance with this agreement and is considered an advertiser`s and the agency`s right. Together, the advertiser and the agency are referred to as “advertisers.” Each is jointly responsible for the duties of the other. “Work for Hire Content” refers to all content produced by the Publisher Brand Publishing Group for the customer as part of a work-for-hire agreement. Work for Hire Content will not be published in tribune Publishing Company publications. On request, the publisher can help the advertiser prepare their ads for publication. This medium may include design, composition, text and graphics. Publisher reserves all rights, including copyright, on all ad layouts and other items that represent Publisher`s creative effort or contain material created by the publisher.

The advertiser may not authorize a photographic or other copy of such an advertising layout in another publication without the publisher`s explicit written consent. The advertiser remains solely responsible for the content of the ads and the compliance with the laws that govern advertisements such as those presented by the advertiser in Section 4 above. 5.1 As part of this advertising agreement and beyond, the costs listed in Section 4 must be paid by the company to the advertiser to cover all direct expenses resulting from the advertisement. CONSIDERING that the company is a manufacturer of various plastic and fiber products such as office desks, furniture, kitchen utensils, electronic cabinets, etc., referred to as “the products cited” and who wish to put in the mouth the services of an advertising agency for the advertising of their products in India and abroad. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the advertiser cannot refund the amounts due to the publishing house under this agreement, and not the amounts against the publisher to the advertiser. This agreement, including all contract documents, as well as any matters arising from or relating to this agreement, is governed by the material law (except of the provisions of choice) of the state of the publication in question and is the subject of an appropriate interpretation. Both parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the national and federal courts in the landkreis of the corresponding publication. 1.4 “PPC,” “CPC” means all paid ads. Unless otherwise stated, payments made by the advertiser to publishers for services or goods other than advertising spaces, surcharges and colours are not applied to the amounts of revenue set out in the agreement. In this regard, the parties agreed that the duration of this agreement is defined in each order (as defined in Section 3), either explicitly as “the term” or as the schedule of the advertising campaign.