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It is necessary to create an act of reconciliation, as compensation can not only cover the entire amount of the debt, but also partially repay. This is necessary to avoid further differences of opinion. If the amount set for compensation is less than the counter-claims, transactions for which the due date has arrived earlier are deemed to be satisfied. To begin the trial, all that is needed is a statement by one party against the other in any form. The communication is printed in two copies, on one of them, the partner must present his visa after receiving the newsletter and send it back to the initiator. After the conclusion of the contract, it is necessary to develop a legislative act. This is the primary accounting document and confirms the completion of this process. It should also indicate the specific obligations deducted for compensation, the dates of its commitments, the payment and the amount. Each copy must be signed by the principal manager and senior accountant of both parties and seal stamps of the company. CONSIDERING that the debtor is liable to the creditor for an amount equal to [AMOUNT DEBT DOLLAR] dollar (the “debt”) (the “debt”); And it doesn`t matter if your partner is opposed to such a compensation agreement, because in this situation, your company is totally independent of the opinion of the other party. Remember that in such a situation, you have perfectly legitimate reasons to present a compensation agreement. However, a unilateral compensation procedure is totally inappropriate if certain amounts of disrepair are in place or if you do not have official voting documents.

In the case of cash transactions, this method can be applied either bilaterally or multilaterally, and to related or unrelated transactions. The obligations are not changed under the regulation, which relates only to how the commitments are met. [16] Unlike “close-out netting,” billing stretching is only possible for the same obligations on the same billing date. This data must be due on the same day and must be in the same currency, but can be agreed in advance. [17] The fees exist but are extinguished at the time of payment. To pay the budget simultaneously, only the payment transaction expires on either side. This has the disadvantage that during the lifetime of debt clearing is pending and probably will not netting will occur, the impact of these on bankruptcy was seen in the British Eagle mentioned above. These are systematically taken into account in the derivative transaction, as they reduce the number and volume of payments and deliveries that take place, but do not reduce the amount before settlement.