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After a year of negotiations, the first dhB offer – similar to the previous NZNO nurses agreement, ratified in August – was made with PSA at the end of last week, after the signing of public funding. Health and technical staff agreements have been negotiated since the end of last year between PSA and the 20 DHB, including the submission of a pay equity application. The two agreements – one for DHB in Auckland, the other for the rest of New Zealand – cover approximately 9,000 PSA members in the DHB sector in 45 occupational categories, including social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and anesthesia technicians, for an annual payroll of approximately $670 million. A minimum wage offer of 9 per cent up to 16.8 per cent for allied health specialists at the head of the “basic wage scale” must be voted on by about 9,000 DHB members. The Allied health offer will be submitted for ratification on 22 October, shortly after the start of the vote on the offer made early last month for the 3,500 mental health and public health nurses covered by the PSA. Psa is a large health union with more than 15,000 members employed in district health units. The members of the Union are the foundation of our public health services. Erin Polaczuk, PSA`s national secretary, said the size of the colony should not be underestimated because it covers a large number of health professionals. Offers range from at least 9 percent by the end of next year for all employees under the agreement to 16.8 percent for professionals at current level 6, which is at the top of the base salary scale (see more details below).

The offer includes a commitment by the 20 DHB to pursue PSA`s pay equity application for its DHB members, but no salary capital implementation date for the 45 separate occupational categories covered by the agreement. About 3,500 nurses and DHB emergency mental health staff are preparing to vote this month on a new salary offer. PSA`s allied health staff will decide this month whether to accept what its union calls a major offer of the 20 DHB. A reference group has been set up and the 14 people in this group represent 85% of the professions covered by the debt and are due to meet on 12 August. It should be noted that Apex has also given a right to its associate health members, which will be consolidated in PSA law. Health and safety and human rights legislation. Ashok Shankar, a PSA bargaining lawyer for the DHB sector, said it was good to hope that wage increases and pay equity capital will help attract people to DHB, but that allied health is currently facing a shortage of staff to recruit. The well-being of our New Zealand health system Aotearoa begins with the oranga (well-being) of our human beings.

The collaborative group of the health sector, Le K`hui Oranga, is committed to the well-being of health professionals. We invite you to see the Webinar series “Leading for Wellbeing” which explores leadership aspects with some of our leaders and the resources you may find useful. Important collective agreements are available below as MDPs. If your collective agreement is not mentioned here and you would like a copy, please contact our Assistance Centre on 0800 28 38 48 or In addition to developing our private equity requirements, we need to renew our APHT-MA-AAs, which expire on October 31 of this year, and we are preparing to negotiate a new agreement.